A Wiley Book  Creative Visualization For Dummies
The secret to getting exactly what you want from life
By Robin Nixon (Wiley 2011, ISBN 978-1119992646)
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Creative Visualization For Dummies is an informative, motivational and inspirational book that transforms powerful visualization, self-suggestion, auto-hypnotic and neuro-linguistic programming techniques into simple-to-follow visualization exercises that anyone can use. Each chapter covers a single topic and is fully self-contained, so you can pick and choose areas of your life you wish to improve, and get started right away.

Creative Visualization For Dummies Book Cover     CONTENTS

1. Learning How to Visualize Creatively
2. Preparing to Visualize
3. Reaping the Benefits of Creative Visualization
4. The Different Visualization Types
5. Preparing Yourself For Change
6. Choosing The Best Visualization Situations
7. Being Happier And More Fulfilled
8. Overcoming Anger And Stress
9. Being More Motivated And Energized
10. Being Healthy and Banishing Bad Habits
11. Overcoming Fears and Phobias
12. Fostering Strong Relationships
13. Presenting Yourself With Confidence
14. Being a Good Leader
15. Attaining Sporting Excellence
16. Success in Education And The Workplace
17. Being More Creative
18. Ten Instant Visualizations For a Better Life
19. Ten Good Places to Visualize
20. Ten Places to Find Out More
21. Ten Things Visualization Will Help With

Creative Visualization For Dummies is written using highly motivational language that is particularly positive and uplifting. Just reading it engenders a warm feeling and can help change even the most negative mood into a bright and optimistic outlook. The visualization exercises provided are so easy to use that by the time you finish the book you won't be able to help but notice improvements in many areas of your life.

Robin Nixon is a prolific author who has written over 500 magazine articles and 12 books. He lives on the south east cost of England with his wife (a university lecturer), five children, and three disabled foster children.